You Said...We Answered

Following on from the October 2022 Satisfaction Survey here are your comments and our responses to them.

You Said

There is no library space at Lincoln.

We Answered

The library space in Lincoln has moved from its previous location (now the Discharge Lounge). Due to a reduction in space books are not held at this site (but they can be collected from there). There are study areas and 10 computers available. It is located at the end of the corridor next to the Discharge Lounge (opposite entrance 11). You can access it 24/7 with a Lincoln staff badge.

The temperature is too cold (Lincoln) or too warm (Pilgrim).

Please let us know if you are too cold or too warm as we can let Estates know.

Could there be more computers and private rooms?

We are currently reviewing the number of computers and rooms.

Could the number of chairs and tables be increased?

We are currently reviewing the number of chairs and tables.

Spacing of the computers is cramped.

We are currently reviewing the spacing of the computers and any changes this would entail (e.g. installation of LAN sockets).

Accessible plugs near desks would be helpful.

We are currently reviewing the layout of the library sites. Please refer to the Electrical Safety Policy with regards using your own personal equipment on Trust property.

The opening hours keep changing / short opening hours

All 3 of the library sites are available to access 24/7 with a valid ULHT badge. Please contact us if you are having trouble accessing any of the sites.

The lack of Library staff always being available.

During Monday to Friday office hours Library staff are contactable (it may be on another site). Contact details for other sites are displayed if a particular site is not staffed on a weekday. We aim to respond to enquiries as soon as possible after the weekend.

Can I borrow a book for longer?

We are currently reviewing the length of time for borrowing a book. We will keep you updated!

The library mostly holds books for clinical staff.

We have a broad range of books in our collection including leadership and management books. You can browse our catalogue to see if the book you would like is available. We can request books for you to borrow from the British Library. We can also buy books to add to our collection.

Print books and journals are outdated.

We are currently reviewing the print collections at all sites. Please let us know if there is a particular book this refers to and we can check to see if there is a newer edition.

There are no print books at Lincoln.

You can browse our catalogue to see if the book you would like is available at another site. We can then bring it across to Lincoln for you to collect.

Computer and Internet connections can be laggy at times.

This is usually due to the Network. If you are experiencing prolonged issues then please contact the IT department.

ESR keeps freezing.

This may be a national issue so please contact the Organisational Development Department to report the issue.

Is it possible to hire laptops to enable ESR at home.

If you wish to use a laptop for mandatory training then please contact your line manager. There are computers in all three library sites that can be used for completing mandatory training on ESR.