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Pilgrim phone number: 01205 445272

Grantham phone number: 01476 464321

2020 Critical Appraisal Course - Microsoft Teams

This is a course we are hosting via Microsoft teams, This course is free too ULH staff.

  • Introduction to Critical appraisal - Wed 18/11/20
  • Extended Critical appraisal - Thurs 26/11/20

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Book borrowing will be limited to eBooks, as we will be unable to wipe down each page in any physical books.

If you have any books that you have loaned and would like to return at Lincoln site please take them to the post office to be mailed to pilgrim.

Due to Covid-19

For the moment we will continue to operate a basic Professional Library services but fulfilment times may be extended so please allow us some time to do so. Our Library Team will be offering a limited support service should you require assistance. We send colleagues and customers our best wishes during these challenging times.