Journal Article Request Form

You will need a NHS OpenAthens account to access most full-text articles.

If you know the article DOI or PubMed ID you can use Libkey. Simply enter your organisation (United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust or Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust or Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust) and enter the article DOI or Pubmed ID to access the full-text article.

If you can not access an article, please complete the form below and the Library and Knowledge Services team will endeavour to obtain a copy of the article and send it to you, free of charge.

If you are a student on a placement with LCHS, LPFT or ULHT then please contact your local library before completing this form.

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Thank you - your journal article request has been sent.

If we are unable to send the article by email we will send a paper copy to your work address as detailed on the global address list.

The data from this form will be used only for the administration of services provided by the Library and Knowledge Services. By completing this form you agree to this data being held in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 / UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for use in any relevant local library systems.